EHang Demonstrates Pilotless Air Taxi in China After First Delivery

Ehang's EH216-S air taxi.
Ehang’s EH216-S air taxi makes demo flight (Source: Ehang).

Chinese eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) maker EHang has completed its first “commercial demonstration” flight using the pilotless EH216-S air taxi in a pair of cities.

The company delivered the first EH216-S to a customer, Eton, on December 21st. EHang then conducted passenger-carrying flights in both Guangzhou and Hefei on December 28th.

EHang is now working toward normalizing sightseeing flights with the EH216-S. The manufacturer is developing operation sites and flight routes for aerial sightseeing and logistics missions across China, but right now it is focusing on Hefei’s Luogang Central Park. This expansive green space is situated on the former site of Hefei Luogang International Airport

“Abundant application scenarios and massive demands for aerial sightseeing, tourism and regional shuttle services makes the Luogang Central Park an ideal commercial operation site for EH216-S pilotless passenger-carrying eVTOL aircraft,” EHang says.

EHang achieved a significant breakthrough in October 2023 when it secured the world’s first type certificate for the EH216-S from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). This critical regulatory approval paves the way for planned commercial operations in 2024.

The EH216-S offers a maximum take-off weight of 620 kilograms (1,370 lb) and can carry two passengers and their luggage up to 30 kilometers (16 nm) on a single charge.

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