Russia and Belarus Team Up on New 19-Seat Regional Aircraft

Source: 558 Aviation Repair Plant

Russia’s latest civil aircraft production plan features a collaborative effort with Belarus: the LMS-192 Osvey. This 19-seat, high-wing twin-turboprop aircraft targets regional commercial air travel and will be powered by Klimov VK-800 engines.

Russia anticipates serial production to begin in 2027, with an initial output of 20 airframes, rising to 46 annually in following years. The project is a joint venture between Russia’s UZGA (based in Ekaterinburg) and the 558 Aviation Repair Plant of Belarus.

This partnership stems from a broader Russian-Belarusian cooperation agreement on aircraft manufacturing signed in July 2023. The LMS-192 agreement outlines the framework for serial production, encompassing legal and certification processes, alongside funding and coordination aspects.

The agreement commits the 558 Aviation Repair Plant to order at least 178 fuselages by 2038 and a minimum of 89 complete aircraft by 2030. The initial agreement period extends to 2030 but includes automatic five-year extensions. Russia’s 2030 civil aviation forecast anticipates a total of 158 LMS-192 aircraft to be built by the end of the decade.

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