ATR Targets Luxury Operators with New Cabin Options


ATR unveiled a new collection of high-end cabin interiors targeted at commercial and business operators at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg this week.  The new HighLine collection includes five main cabin configurations that are designed to offer more luxurious accommodations than those offered in the standard seating plan found in regional airliners.

  • Multi-Class features a 50-seat interior including a dedicated first class.
  • Premium-Flex can convert standard double-seats into single premium seating with ATR’s unique “X-Space Table” concept. This is targeted at boutique airlines and charter operators.
  • All-Business Class cabins can accommodate up to 30 guests to match the requirements of Part 135 and semi-private airlines.
  • Multi-Section interiors are designed for VIP and government customers.
  • Bespoke VIP is a customized business jet-like interior that offers a high level of luxury and interior appointments.

ATR is trying to broaden the appeal of its turboprop aircraft beyond its traditional market of regional airliners.  The concepts shown at the Interiors Expo are interesting, but they will be a tough sell. Customers in the high-end travel market prefer jet aircraft for their speed, comfort, and operational flexibility.  While turboprop aircraft have a cost and environmental advantage on shorter routes – burning 45 percent less fuel and emitting 45 percent less CO2 than regional jets – the number of customers who demand luxurious comfort on the relatively short duration flights ATR aircraft typically make in commercial service will be limited.   The new interiors don’t substantially alter the forecast for the ATR program, but it could allow ATR to secure some customers here or there who would otherwise have been pushed into the regional or business jet markets.

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