Forecast International’s Platinum Forecast System Proving Its Value During Pandemic

System’s use on the rise in response to the need for breaking news and updated forecasts.

Forecast International reports that sales and use of its dynamic Platinum Forecast System 4.4 have jumped dramatically in response to the need for breaking news and updated forecasts to keep pace with rapidly changing events during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because Platinum is updated in real-time and is operated by the users themselves, its worldwide client base is on the receiving end of a daily stream of news and information pertinent to all areas of Forecast’s coverage of the vital world Aerospace & Defense industries.

Alfred Struna, Director of Marketing & Sales, reported, “During the month of September alone, the number of users who accessed Platinum increased by 27 percent while our sales are increasingly reflecting upgrades from traditional systems, which report on a scheduled basis, to one capable of reacting quickly to fast-changing events. The Platinum Forecast System was developed seven years ago and has steadily increased in capabilities and reliance, such that the latest version, 4.4, represents a very mature system that delivers results in a manner, fully in keeping with modern information technology.”

Ed Nebinger, CEO of Forecast International, stated, “The versatility and value of our Platinum Forecast System is being vividly demonstrated. With breaking news events taking place in rapid succession, Platinum has proven to be the right tool in the right place at the right time. If one of our analysts updates a forecast to reflect important changes, our clients have the data in their hands in seconds. We are pleased with the system and credit our IT and Editorial departments for its development.”

The Platinum Forecast System comprises a massive database that not only reports changes to the market but recomputes all associated data for other impacted programs. To illustrate, we recently produced a 42-page report which presented a high-level overview of the outlook for recovery from the pandemic in each of the areas we cover. All forecasts and supporting data for that report were downloaded by our analysts — and the report was essentially assembled — in one day!

We invite you to view a demonstration of the Platinum Forecast System to see for yourself all the benefits this delivery format offers at a time of rapid market changes.

Inquiries can be directed to or to +1 203 426-0800. Our company Sales Representatives will be pleased to schedule live demos of the Platinum Forecast System or other products to qualified parties upon request.

The Platinum Forecast System is a breakthrough in forecasting technology that enables you to select your own unique criteria to create distinct market segments. With Platinum, you can create customized assessments that quickly identify both risk and future opportunities. System types and platforms, currencies, world regions and more can all be input to collect the intelligence that you need, when you need it. Simply select your market, your specific criteria, your forecast period and your currency — and get your results. All results are displayed as bar graphs, pie charts and unit and value of production charts — presented as line items by manufacturer — for instant analysis. All forecast data are complemented by full market reports, Forecast Rationales, Excel spreadsheets, and more.  Check out the demo video to see Platinum in action by clicking here.

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