UAM Snapshot – Lift HEXA

Source: Lift Aircraft

While the locus of developmental activity across much of the burgeoning eVTOL market is centered upon platforms intended to ferry multiple passengers as part of a commercial air taxi operation, single-passenger platforms intended either for private flight or the performance of specialized civic and commercial roles also constitute a dedicated niche within this rapidly evolving domain. The single passenger HEXA, developed by Texas-based startup Lift Aircraft is one prominent example of such a platform.

The HEXA is an all-electric personal aircraft that features a flight system resembling a web of six inward-pointing sectors with 12 outer and six inner electrically powered propellers. The aircraft can maintain flight with up to six of the 18 motors disabled as a safety feature. The all-carbon-fiber airframe is supported by four perimeter floats and a large central float under the open cockpit. The HEXA qualifies as a powered ultra-light under FAA regulation, uniquely meaning it does not require a pilot license to fly.

Along with courting private buyers and tourism entities, Lift is marketing the HEXA for prospective use in domains such as emergency medical response, law enforcement and commercial and military logistics support. Beginning in 2022, the United States Air force partnered with Lift under the Air Force Agility framework to begin utilizing the HEXA to develop and refine techniques and institutional knowledge regarding the potential military applications of unmanned eVTOL platforms. In 2023, Lift introduced its ‘Founders’ sales program, offering the HEXA to select customers at a cost of $495,000.

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