UAM Snapshot – EHang EH216-S

Source: EHang

In December 2023, Guangzhou-based urban air mobility (UAM) startup EHang generated international headlines when its EH216-S autonomous eVTOL platform attained type, production and airworthiness certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The CAAC announcement not only constituted a significant milestone for the prospective use of unmanned flight platforms in commercial contexts generally but also reflected EHang’s rising potential to secure a pronounced first mover advantage within the prospectively vast mainland Chinese market for UAM solutions.

The EH216-S features 16 independent propellers and motors mounted on eight arms, extending outward from the centrally located two-person passenger compartment, for both vertical and forward flight. The base passenger variant of the unmanned platform is powered by a suite of electric motors and batteries and features a maximum speed and range of 130kmh (80.8mph) and 30km (18.6mi), respectively. The platform has a maximum takeoff weight of 620kg (1366.9lbs). In early 2024, EHang articulated a suggested global retail price of $410,000 for an individual EH216-S model, with RMB2.39 million ($330,000) released as the suggested unit price for the domestic Chinese market. Through the early months of 2024, EHang has held a succession of flight demonstrations of the platform, including at an industry event in Costa Rica in March and most recently on April 29 at the DRIFTx technology exhibition held in Abu Dhabi.

As with many other eVTOL platforms, EHang envisions the EH216 as serving in a variety of applications beyond air taxi services, including logistics, medical evacuation and more uniquely, urban firefighting. EHang has established partnerships with a range of domestic and global entities over the past several years, including the Spanish National Police, the Thai Charoen Pokphand Group conglomerate and the Tianxingjian Cultural Tourism Investment and Development company, amongst others.

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