Joby Expands AFWERX Pact, Delivers eVTOL Aircraft to MacDill AFB

Two of Joby’s prototype electric air taxi aircraft at the company’s flight test and manufacturing facilities in Marina, California. Image – Joby Aviation

Joby Aviation has strengthened its USAF ties by delivering two eVTOL aircraft to MacDill AFB in 2025 under AFWERX Agility Prime. MacDill, housing USSOCOM, CENTCOM, and AMC units, offers a prime testing ground for OT&E. This builds on the initial September 2023 delivery to Edwards AFB, with learnings from the 412th Test Wing informing MacDill trials.

Joby’s AFWERX contract holds the potential for nine total eVTOL deliveries. Notably, Joby secured the first-ever military airworthiness certification for an eVTOL prototype in 2020.

At MacDill, Joby collaborates directly with operational units, testing logistics missions, personnel transport, medical evacuation, and security force support. Initial assessments highlight the suitability of eVTOL for diverse USAF applications due to low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, speed, and quiet operation.

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