Lift Aircraft Livestream Boasts Q4 Hexa Launch

Lift Aircraft accomplished a first on August 22, with the company going live on YouTube to answer questions about and take to the skies with the Hexa aircraft. Chief Pilot Jace “Digit” McCown began the live stream by answering questions from the livestream chat, which held a steady viewership of 100+ throughout, highlighting several aspects of the aircraft.

Of note were the batteries, which are a Lithium polymer design that can be swapped out and changed on the fly as needed. Also noted was the limited capacity of the Hexa used for the demonstration. Unlike the model for commercial use, the aircraft featured no parachute and, as such, was limited to flight speeds of 9 mph and a height of 30 feet.

One of the key takeaways from the stream was the simplicity of flight granted by the pilot stick design. The control stick is designed to be operated with a single hand, with the aircraft doing most of the work in keeping the cabin level and in the aircraft. From that hover, the operator is then allowed complete control, with the ability to move forward and backward, and to rotate. Safety during the exhibition and during commercial operation is controlled using a network to keep the aircraft from leaving the premises.

Once the flight was accomplished, Digit was joined by the CEO of Lift Aircraft, and the pair answered more questions. The Q&A session yielded the following information:

  • The Hexa currently operates a Beta Flight program, where investors, pilots, and others fly the aircraft twice a week. These flight sessions last from 8-10 minutes at a time, featuring two takeoffs and landings. The duo emphasized that the limited time was a safety feature and that Hexa can last longer.
  • There was also a focus on Hexa being an aircraft designed for existing FAA regulations and present-day battery technology. With that in mind, Lift boasted a Q4 2023 launch.
  • The operation model of Hexa will be location-based services allowing for pay-for-flight experiences. Using the same parameters as the test flight shown off in the live stream, visitors would be able to test out the Hexa aircraft after simulation training.
  • There are no current plans for individual Hexa ownership, with only 10 founder aircraft being developed at the moment. Of those 10 aircraft, eight are owned under an operational partnership with Lift, which is a requirement to purchase one.
  • The aircraft, following FAA regulation, will only be able to operate in Class G airspace.

Despite the small scale of the initial operation, it bodes well for Lift. Being able to get to market this year is a massive win for the company. As it is the first step, it allows the technology to become more mainstream.

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